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Hello everybody! We would like to welcome you to our world of Alpacas!

Mr Alpaca's the result of our collective dream of bringing new entertainment experiences into people’s lives. That’s why we make games that we would love to play. Our goal is to bring the most entertaining experiences that connect with your soul and change something inside you. If you feel like someone new after you play one of our games then we’ve achieved our greatest goal!

We started this dream on 2016 when a group of undergraduate friends grouped up to make video games. Through this lapse of time we’ve endured, learned and grew as a team. We’re still a young company but we’re looking forward to keep learning more and more so we can get to be the best someday.


If you wanna see part of our development secrets check out our development blog!


Here we'll be keeping you up to date on our progress on development and updated with the most awesome aspects of our lives.

As of this moment consider yourself a member of our Alpaca Family!

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