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Be ready for a ridiculous couch party game where you and your (yolks) folks take the role of egg-tastic warriors and scramble each other for the crown.

King Of The Eggs now o Steam


The world’s most eggsplosive sport! And what would be of the most explosive sport without the world's most eggsplosive balls? You name it, we got them: fireballs, rockballs, snowballs, iceballs, dragonbal- no wait, not that one. No matter! Because after a while they all EGGSPLODE.

Partner up with a buddy and make sure the ball’s time doesn’t run up on your side of the court because it’ll do a lot more than sting. First one to 3 points wins!


Four eggs go in, only one egg comes out.  

This is the ultimate scramble for survival! Whoever is the only one alive at the end of the round takes the points. Dodge arrows, run from lasers and avoid every pitfall, even... play dirty(?!). Only one egg will see the light of a new tomorrow. You must do everything in your power to become the last egg standing!

King Of The Hill

Deux Eggs Machina. The egg from the machine! An altar has been raised and now you must fight to control it! Pay homage to the gods by standing upon the altar. Do this long enough and they will reward your devotion with a holy weapon of war! Rain divine justice with the Javelins of Light, slash your opposition to a fine mist with the Wheel of Pain, or burn their ashes with the Trail of Fire! Every kill scores you points, but beware! Everyone will be vying for the gods’ boons. First one to 7 points wins!

Meet The Yolks


The highest ranking member of Eggorias Air Force. His years of combat experience have made this aged egg bold and brash. Quick on his feet and explosive Archivald is not an enemy you will want to leave out of sight.

"Honor, discipline, family an egg must abide by all of them."


Leader of the most ferocious tribe of the Icebreakers, this savage beast of an egg has done more than enough to earn the name of the howling wind of the south. Stray too far on the icy planes of eggorias and Asger will make sure it is your last adventure.

"*Indistinct growls*"


The blazing fires to the east have boiled this particular egg to perfection! Elegance, grace and beauty have been all Kai has known since they were born. But the Face of the East has more than stunning good looks on their side. Blessed by the gods Kai’s luck is almost a virtue, unrivaled by all. Unlucky the souls to meet him in battle.

“Gaze upon my face and know the image of perfection!”


Eggkind was not sent to this world just to inhabit the material world. Oswald’s time as a sage to the Smartyplants has allowed his mind to transcend and see the world beyond. He sees the chaos before him and his wise eyes reveal the path across it to victory.

"The truth lays bare before us at all times. We need only open our eyes to it."

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